Comparing the Best Hybrid App Frameworks: Ionic Vs F7

Let us compare the most popular hybrid app development frameworks:


Ionic is hyped to be the most favourable open-source framework for developing hybrid apps. Grounded on SASS, the Ionic framework benefits in developing stunning hybrid apps with numerous mobile UI components, typography, etc. The best part is that Ionic aids in developing apps in a simpler manner, consuming the generally used web technologies such as CSS and JavaScript and HTML5.

The framework also habits AngularJS to support develop hybrid apps with near-native like experience.


  • The framework is supported by a huge community.
  • Facilitates you to make use of a single command for carrying out activities like creating, developing, testing and deploying your application on to a particular mobile platform.
  • Is constantly updated agreeing to the latest trends, which aids in creating an app that addresses the need of new generation users.
  • Ionic covers a powerful CLI with lots of functionalities.


  • You can have a tough time in making your app navigation smooth with Ui-router.
  • You’ll have to use AngularJS, to build complex hybrid apps. The problem is: not all the developers are conversant with AngularJS. In addition, the steep learning curve of AngularJS makes it challenging for novice developers to use Ionic

F7 (or Framework 7)

If you want to concentrate on developing iOS hybrid apps stimulated by Google’s Material design, then you should think of using the F7 framework. As it develops apps using the HTML5, CSS and JS web technologies, it is a super easy to use hybrid mobile app framework that most of the developers are well acquainted with.


  • It comforts in creating native like applications including animations and styled components, deprived of using complex Angular or React frameworks.
  • For developing hybrid apps for iOS platform, it is the most feature-rich framework and comes bundled with dozens of UI widgets & elements like popup, media lists, popover, side panels, etc.


  • It does not comprise mobile app builders such as Cordova or PhoneGap.
  • Like other frameworks, it doesn’t help in developing cross-platform hybrid apps.

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